We Create Better Together

The private community where creators work together to unlock their full creative potentials.

Membership is $99 per quarter.

Unleash Your Creativity, With a Team

Whether it's overcoming resistance, unlocking an idea, or bringing one to life, every creator has experienced the muse acting through someone else. Co-Create is an ecosystem where creators catalyze each other's creativity.

Creativity is Enriched by Diversity

We meet regularly to deepen our creative practice, encourage and inspire each other.

Creator Campfires

We gather around for a discussion on a creative development topic, followed by an open group sharing circle. Think classroom, meets temple, meets pub. It's a great time to share a win, seek support, encourage each other, and philosophize.

Creator Cafes

You know that feeling you get working at a cafe around other people? They're not watching you, but they're there. A gateway to flow, an invitation to focus. We all get together to create live. Collab or solo. Engineered serendipity.

Ritual Reveals

Whether chef or choreographer, we've all got our creative ritual, the mystical routine that helps us drop into flow. The way we get the magic to happen. We regularly get together to dissect how other prolific creators 'do their thing'.

We're Devoted Students of Creativity

In the same way that a yogi, martial artist, or violinist treats their discipline, we treat creativity itself—as a practice.

Prevent creative ruts and blockages

All creators experience resistance. Cultivating a practice for consistently receiving creative inspiration takes a lot of work. We provide a blueprint for you to build on. Learn to use resistance.

Reduce the randomness of inspiration

That elusive 'space', where ideas seem to just manifest, we're a channel for something greater than us, tapped into some great force. We're flowing in the currents of creativity.

Stop walking the creative path alone

The creative journey is much more rewarding and fun when we can share it. We're there to help each other when it gets emotional and challenging, as well as collaborate and celebrate wins.

Enter The Co-Create Universe


Meet your fellow co-creators in an intimate setting. We don't believe in just dropping people into communities.

Why Co-Create?
Community Vision
The Creative Cycle
Ritual and Flow
Creating Together
Obstacles as Catalysts


Join a community of supportive creators that encourage and inspire each other to unlock their full potential.

Exchange ideas and collaborate in a supportive environment.
Study creativity and deepen your creative practice.
Learn to create with more flow and less friction.
Receive daily encouragement and feedback.
Collaborate with a diverse group of creators.
Learn how the most prolific creators create.

(I.e. Take the red pill). Membership is $99/quarter.

Learn the Language of Creativity

(I.e. Take the red pill). Membership is $99/quarter.


Where in my creative journey should I be if I want to join? Do I need to be an active creator or artist?We're here to support people who are committed to the practice of creativity and realizing a vision for something. So, any stage is fine! We have newcomers, creators who have been practicing their craft for years, and masters in some disciplines.What kind of creator do I need to be?Diversity enriches and strengthens creativity and communities. We welcome creators from literally any discipline. From tech entrepreneurs, to sommeliers, to knitters. The one criteria is that you are committed to sharing what you create with the world—we're not a crew of closet creators.What is included in the membership?Access to our 24/7/365 Slack workspace.
Access to our 24/7/365 interactive, virtual meeting places in Gather.
Live events with creators (Creative Campfires, Creator Cafes).
Educational sessions (Ritual Reveals).
How much does membership cost?$99 per quarter.Do you offer monthly payments?We do not. We're committed to building meaningful, lasting connections between creators. We offer quarterly payments.What is your refund policy?Because we provide immediate access to our community and events we do not offer refunds. If you're unsure, we'd suggest joining at a later time.What if I can't make an event? How do you accommodate different time zones?All Creator Campfires and Ritual Reveals are recorded so that you can view, or even listen to them like a podcast anytime. We rotate times for our live events. At this time, we're prioritizing North American time zones, as we grow we will optimize for other continents too.How many members do you have?We are now at 25+ members. We're keeping it small at first while focusing on meaningful engagement.

(I.e. Take the red pill). Membership is $99/quarter.

A Note From Our Co-Founders

The lone genius is a myth.
Creativity does not thrive in isolation.
Connections are the currency of creative endeavors.
Every creative genius has a scene or crew of rebels and provocateurs to fan their flames.
We don't have to look far through history to see examples, whether in music, business, technology.
Connections happen organically, but we're missing a place to be intentional about it while geeking out with fellow creators.
So, we're building an ecology of creators.
Think of it as an ecosystem where creators and their creations thrive without limits.
Intentional creative serendipity.
Welcome to the era of the prolific creator.
From our hearts to yours, thank you for creating!

(I.e. Take the red pill). Membership is $99/quarter.

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